Bringing New Ideas To Market

Our approach:

Ideas. Accelerated.

Advancing an idea to solve a challenge is not easy.  Turning it into a viable and growing business is even more difficult.  Our services foster the innovation process & entrepreneurial mindset so that you learn to bring ideas to life.

Outsourced Innovation is an Illinois consultancy to help innovators and entrepreneurs build products and services that people want. We combine professional training with one-on-one coaching so you learn to implement, commercialize and grow a business over its lifecycle.


What We Do

Disciplined ideas drive innovation. Outsourced Innovation works with companies, institutions and individuals who are seeking innovation and entrepreneurship support.

We identify the needs of our clients first. This is the basis for custom-tailored services to implement on a new business idea or a transformational program that will succeed.


Our Programs & Services


Implementation support

We guide organizations to harness the growth potential of innovation.  Our professional training starts by providing insights into what drives someone to buy a product. This incorporates implementation coaching all the way through the lifecycle of a new product or service.

Our job is to help you follow a process, stay focused and channel your efforts.

Through a program called STEAMahead , we help women in tech innovation and entrepreneurship careers so they understand the innovation process and apply business acumen to grow and scale profitable company or social enterprise.

cultural development

Our approach begins with organizational culture that empowers staff across the institution to create innovative solutions that could change the world!  We help companies enhance a culture of entrepreneurship and address barriers that prevent organizations from achieving growth.

Emerging technology Demonstration

Organizations have a lot to gain from advances in emerging technology. Navigating the modern landscape, however, can be a challenge. We help tech entrepreneurs demonstrate the benefits of product or service innovation using emerging technologies that improve operations and gain a competitive advantage.

community & partner development

Developing an entrepreneurial culture is best done through collaboration with the local community, workforce development and educational partners. We communicate and engage with external stakeholders to help advance your business or institutional objectives.

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"An entrepreneur must deal with more uncertainty than a professional with a well-defined roll."

Peter Thiel