Bringing New Ideas To Market

Our approach:

Ideas. Accelerated.

Executing an idea to solve a specific challenge is not easy.  Turning it into a viable business venture is even more difficult.  We have created services specializing in the support of innovation & entrepreneurship so that you prosper financially.

Outsourced Innovation helps innovators and tech entrepreneurs build new products and services that people want.  We provide training and support services to help you implement, commercialize and grow over the lifecycle of your business.  


What We Do

Outsourced Innovation works with companies of all sizes, academic institutions and individuals who are seeking entrepreneurship and innovation support. We help identify the needs of our client as a basis for custom-tailored programming and implementation coaching to meet your business objectives.


Our Programming


Educational Programming

We guide organizations to harness the growth potential of innovation.  We build programming from the group up that supports STEM innovation and  tech entrepreneurs for career readiness.  This includes extensive and immersive coaching so ideas are implemented and students are prepared with 21st Century Skills to compete in a modern global society.

Educational offerings include STEAMahead , women-oriented training to help innovators, entrepreneurs prosper, financially in business and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (STEAM) careers.

cultural development

Our approach begins with organizational culture that empowers staff across the institution to create innovative solutions to improve services and reduce costs.  We help companies enhance their culture of entrepreneurship by addressing barriers that prevent organizations from achieving goals. 

Emerging technology Demonstration

Organizations have a lot to gain from advances in emerging technology to lower costs, enhance customer service or  help employees be more effective. Navigating the modern landscape, however, can be a challenge. We help companies demonstrate the benefits of product or service innovation and emerging technologies that will enhance their operations.

community & partner development

Developing an entrepreneurial culture is best done through collaboration with the local community and other educational partners. We communicate and engage with external stakeholders and corporate partners to implement the vision, especially to advance work-basked learning.

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"An entrepreneur must deal with more uncertainty than a professional with a well-defined roll."

Peter Thiel