Guiding Principles

Core to our services is implementation guidance so you reach key milestones. We help conceptualize and execute on new product or program ideas that advance growth initiatives. The innovation process embodies design thinking, team building and a focus on understanding what matters most. Our expertise includes:

  • Professional Training - The Innovation Process

  • Resources for Customer Discovery & Proof-of-Concept

  • Entrepreneurial Coaching & business growth

  • Guidance to Address Barriers to Success

  • K-12 STEM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs

Our Approach:

Many talk about the value of becoming more innovative and entrepreneurial, but few discover its true value. The best innovators seamlessly blend organic innovation with external “thinkers” to provide fresh new perspectives.

Our approach is to be highly strategic, clear, and systematic so our clients make sure they see measurable and sustainable results.


Clarifying Goals & Values

The first step is to get clear about why your organization will make a financial investment in enhancing it's innovation culture. Though this may sound obvious, this is an important barrier for many realizing the full potential of investing in innovation. Many find it difficult to articulate goals and clarify value created for all parties involved. This is an important step in the process, and it makes sure that your investment in time and resources will realize value and that is recognized.


Measuring Results

For every company, what "success" means in the realm of innovation and entreprenership is very different. We help our clients develop clear and measurable result metrics before beginning any project. This is necessary as a consistent feedback loop throughout project development so adjustments can be made along the way.


Sustainable Modeling

For a project to be a worthwhile investment, it must have a model for sustained growth. We facilitate a train-the trainer model so programs can grow, scale and sustain themselves to create value for organizations or individual entrepreneurs.


Outsourced Innovation Is...

An Illinois-based company that has ushered forward hundreds of startup ventures and emerging technologies in collaboration with academic research institutions. Outsourced Innovation got its start twelve years ago advancing solid state lighting and control technologies in partnership with electric utilities to advance the mission of energy efficiency.

Martha Carney, the CEO and Founder, leads a diverse team of engineers, product designers, marketers, teaching professionals and students to advance innovation and entrepreneurship across the ecosystem.

She is the creator of ConVerge at North Central College, has directed the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at the Center for Entrepreneurship at College of DuPage and continues to support educational programming at innovation hubs throughout the region.





Martha Carney